Cottesloe sunset

This is the sun setting on Cottesloe on the last day before Daylight Saving in WA.

I went out to dinner with some trailer trash.  Seriously – these guys work on a trailer spreading joy and happiness to thousands of kids and I got to help out.

They are also great company.

The food at il lido was fabulous – and I am so having that icecream/coffee/liquour thing next time.

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  1. First of all Casey and Kat I only had a small taste of the coffee/icecream thing – I was good!

    M- dinner at il lido is always good – I love the long bench thingy and the groovy bar at the entry, not to mention the old films projected on the wall…

    Ken – have you travelled to Cott? 🙂

  2. Hey Birthday girl, trailer trash here. your icecream/coffee shot/frangelico is called an affogatto and you can have it for breakfast lunch or tea! It’s 100% Fatfree…
    Thanks so much for your trash help – love your work… How’s the Project runway going…I want to see photo of finished product? did you wear it for the cup? Take care and will send you my pic of who I met on the weekend! LL

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