A dress a day

I’ve come to a fashion decision.  

Well, it’s not so much a fashion decision as a clothes decision.  A practical, “Bloody hell! Nothing to wear again!” decision.

I’ve decided I’m going to give up on separates for work and instead buy five dresses which will end up being my uniform.

Okay five to start with.

I’ve already started – not with the dress pictured.

The other day I was flicking through the David Lawrence sales rack and came across a belted black dress marked down.

It fitted well and is perfect for work.

It washes easily and is a snap to iron.

I don’t have to match it with anything, and it looks smart.

I tend to wear it on Mondays.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I stare gormlessly into my wardrobe and try and patch together something that looks okay.

The dress is so easy I reckon it’s the way to go.

However finding a source of perfect dresses is not proving as easy as I hoped, and then my colleague turns up yesterday in a dress I would have bought in a snap (from Cue) had I seen it first but of course now I can’t because we sit next to eachother and wearing the same dress would be naff.


I’m a bit fussy.

First of all I have winter colouring so all those nasty shades of yellow and brown are OUT.

Secondly I prefer V necks on me.

Thirdly I like it to be fitted to the waist and reach to my knee – but not to go below it.

And finally – it can’t be too expensive.

These conditions do seem to knock out most of the stock I’ve seen in shops.

In fact it’s proving so problematical I’m thinking of making one myself.

(although Mum, you know it is my birthday on Monday…)

Have you seen anything out there?

Speaking of sitting next to someone in the same dress, years ago, when Groover worked in Sales and had a box at the Hopman Cup, I experienced this first hand.

The box was small and seated four.  

I was wearing a peacock blue fitted dress – a stunning dress – not a dress you could ignore – I felt thin and special in it (actually I was pretty thin at the time) and as I sat there – I watched this lady ascend the stairs to our grandstand.  She was wearing the same dress.

“Ha ha I joked to Groover, I hope she isn’t your guest.”

“No she’s not.”

“Oh phew… how embarrassing to have to sit here all afternoon wearing the same dress…”

“She’s his wife.”

At the first break I excused myself and drove home to change.  

Groover to this day, thought I was over-reacting.

The wife thanked me.

Has that ever happened to you?  What did you do?

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  1. You’re a braver woman than me. I NEVER wear dresses unless I go to a wedding or special event. I don’t like the feeling of not having pants on (plus I don’t like having to shave my legs every day). TMI?

  2. I don’t envy your having to dress up for work, I always struggled with it personally. Now my only choices are jeans, khakis, shorts, short jean…you get the idea. Staying home is awesome in that respect. I always wear comfortable shoes now.

    Also, that was very nice of you to go home and change your dress to spare both you and she the embarrassment of sitting there the whole time in matching outfits. Overreacting? No. You can’t get past something like that and have a normal conversation.

  3. That was very nice of you to go home and change. I wouldn’t have. I’d have just laughed it off.

    I don’t miss that aspect of working either. I stay home and my “uniform” is generally workout clothes I wear to the gym. Then, I change into a dry shirt after my workout. LOL I’m such a fashion plate! 😛

    I love the dress idea though. Do you have a TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Ross near you? They seem to have a lot of cute dresses for cheap. You could also search online I guess but I tend to want to touch it and try it on first.

  4. I think we put too much emphasis on variety in our wardrobe. I have a closet full of way too much clothes.

    I’ve been trying to take an attitude of it’s better to have a few outfits that fit well. look good on you, and are comfortable.

    I love dresses.

    I have three that I really love and wear a lot. I’d love to get a few more so I have one for everyday.

  5. Hah! You should see my wardrobe. My stuff is so old (and comfy) there is no danger at all of ever being caught in the same outfit as anyone else. Except at work, where we all wear the same blue shirt and black pants.

    Why not search the pattern books at your local Spotlight or Lincraft and find a pattern that has all of your requirements? You may even find a “basic” that has one bodice and different necklines, different skirt lines, sleeves or sleeveless, that way you could make several different dresses all with the fit you like.

    For your black dress, ring the changes with a different coloured belt, a little black jacket, a little jacket in another colour, a large sheer flowered scarf wrapped around the waist. There’s plenty of ways to wear a little black dress.

    I’m not speaking from personal experience at all. I don’t even own a dress……..

  6. Firstly, super nice of you to go home and change. I would never have thought of it.

    Secondly, for dresses, find a specialised boutique that sells fairly one-off designs and limited ranges. I have found two here, and while the dresses are expensive ($200+) I now have 3 that are gorgeous, fit well on me and do many occasions. I have one that does late night dressy functions (engagements, balls etc), one that does weddings, and one that does formal cocktail parties and formal work functions. Each cost $200-$300 but no one else has the same dresses, I always look fabulous (well, I do) and they will last forever. They all came from two shops, one owned by a friend, she gets 2-3 of each dress in various sizes, the other shop only gets one of each dress.

  7. $200-$300 per dress Kin?? Holy Hannah!!! $300 would replace my entire wardrobe twice, with extra socks for hubby thrown in. Of course I don’t have functions etc to go to…………

  8. Yeah River, with all my friends/family lining up for weddings, I decided it might be more frugal to invest in one nice dress, than 5-10 cheaper dresses that I would only wear once.

    And the work functions are only increasing now Hubby’s work has picked up a big contract.

  9. Hi there… long-time lurker, first-time poster, as they say. If you like Cue, have you tried Veronika Maine? David Jones has a large-ish Veronika Maine section at Karrinyup and after years of searching at Cue for a dress similar to the one on your wish list, I found one on the discount rack at DJs about a month ago.

    The great thing about it is you can wear it on its own in summer (it’s grey with a thin black belt) or in winter wear it with tights and a blouse or top underneath.

    Also, if you find a plain dress but want to dress it up a little, you could sew some kind of embellishment on it…

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