A taxi rant – it’s all about service people!

This is her problem not mine and yet… and yet…

Let me tell you the story.  I flew into Perth today from Geraldton where I’ve been the last couple of days – stories coming soon – I met so many interesting people – but anyway…

The queue for a taxi was exhaustingly long but I had my book and was quite happy to read it as I shoved my bag with my foot.  

As we waited a voice apologised over the PA system and said that taxis had been called.  

Fine, whatever… I’d got to a good bit.

Anyway eventually I’m at the front of the queue and I have a woman driver who looks friendly, she pops the boot and helps me load my small case and laptop.

“Where to love?”

“Please take me to work in the city.” I had to pick up my car.

Was it my imagination or did she sigh?

Anyway I settled back and read my book and sooner than I wanted – I’d got to another good bit – we were pulling up outside my workplace.

I hand over my cabcharge.

These days they are those little cards with a magnetic strip down the back – thinnish cardboard.

“Do you have another card?”

“Er yeah,” I say getting another out.

“Thanks, I hate these cards, they never work in my machine – even when I use two together.”  She swipes the cards repeatedly.

“Dammit I’m going to have to use a slip.”

So making conversation – as you do in the awkward silence while waiting to sign the slip – I say “Are you just starting your shift?”

“Yes just started.  And I came all the way down Dianella for this.”

As if it were my fault.

I was speechless.

“Can you get your own bag out of the boot?”

“Er yes… of course.” I say and scoot out of the cab.

And I’m SO angry.

Angry at her for making me feel bad because she didn’t get a big fare to, I don’t know, Bunbury or something and even more angry with myself for feeling bad!

And the ironic thing?  As she drives off I notice that she’s the driver of a Silver Service cab.

Yeah.  Right.

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  1. So true… it frustrates me when I trip over jaded people working in the ‘service’ industry… unlike you – I met an extremely interesting and engaging fella (I generally do – as I often fly out around 6 or 7 in the morning) who was driving the taxi that I was in on Thurs morning – on my way to the airport (to Geraldton too no less – I return tomorrow lol spinny!).

    I have some great discussions with all sorts of people, and I have to say – the taxi drivers who’ve picked me up for these gigs, have for the main part been absolute champs! I love the condensed conversation, their amazing life experiences, their outlooks on life, and their fantastic intellect. I reckon I’ve had only one taxi driver that i felt wasn’t interested… and we simply left it at that. He wasn’t a rude bugger as such – just not a yarner.

    Put two blokes on the plane back to Perth this arvo though CB, they were part of a workshop I had to pull together for a community group up this way… how freaky 😉 – Bizarre if you were on the same plane – because we were in the same airport lobby mate – lol

  2. Hey Belongum – was it the 3.45 to Perth?

    I was really impressed with Greenough airport – it’s the nicest airport I’ve been to in Australia.

    It would have been nice to meet you.

    I was the one in a blue and grey work tee-shirt with three quarter sleeves reading Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer and scoffing beer nuts. (Like you would have noticed me!)


    And Kelley – no I didn’t get her name. And I probably wouldn’t complain if I did. I was annoyed with myself for feeling guilty that instead of asking her to take me home, she drove me to work – about half the fare. Stupid. I shouldn’t let that get to me.

  3. Next time be sure and notice the taxi number, you don’t have to get her name. Each cab has a registered number displayed somewhere up the front, note it down as soon as you get out, then ring the company and report it. I always do this. The drivers get called in for a little re-training. I also call in to report excellent over- and- above service.

  4. Haha… Yep it WAS the 3.45 flight… I had three fellas in tow (was wearing a mustard yellow button up and collared shirt) and sporting my very bald ‘scone’ and half a tan. I was looking both relieved and knackered, as I’d managed to get everyone through a potentially bumpy workshop… and I was fair enjoying my Toohey’s Old mate then – all one of it lol!

    I flew out this morning – phew what a show – we tried to kill one of our guests the night before by choking him on his dinner! He had to go to the hospital, and we were camped twenty minutes out of town. Didn’t work though – he was still the biggest talker in the workshop – it appears it’s true – nothing can stop him yarning 😉

    I did notice the word ‘Eclipse’ somewhere there – but I’m stuffed if I know why! I try to keep track of contractors working in and out of the regional areas as I get about, I often go and have a look-see on the internet to see who they are (work related stalking – oops!). But I was concentrating on my job at the time – I wasn’t looking THAT hard, as I was REALLY enjoying my one beer!
    Spinny! 😉

  5. I hate it when I get people who carry on like everything is too much hassle for them. If you don’t like people and providing service, get the f@ck out of a service job – its not like we’re holding a gun to your head and forcing you to do it.

    Cromely – my tip would be zero in those circumstances, not merely small.

    Cellobella – assuming you got a receipt for the cabcharge, it should have the taxi number if you want to complain to the taxi co. Probably a waste of time though.

  6. What a bitch! I regularly take taxis to and from the airport, and I only live across the road. It’s still a ten dollar ride. I usually give them a couple of extra bucks but if they complain I don’t tip them.

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