Knobs on it!

Warning: Rant ahead.
What is it with young people these days?  Do none of them learn to drive properly?

Twice this year so far I’ve come up against people – both in their early 20s – who can’t drive the work car because they don’t know how to drive a manual.

When I was a young lass everyone learned manual gear changes.  

In fact, I’ve never owned anything other than a manual car.

Now I don’t know whether manual 4WD’s are better than automatic ones – possibly it makes no difference – but that’s not the point… 

It’s just laziness!

And it’s soooo irritating.  

Honestly it’s not that hard to learn – my 13-year-old can drive a manual car – and it means that you can drive any car.

It’s like never learning to ride a bike when you were young. What’s up with that?!  I did in fact meet someone who had to hire an enormous tricycle on Rottnest Island because they couldn’t ride a bicycle.  

Yes.  They did look like a big knob.

I’m over it.

Get with the program people and spend the time to learn how to drive manually.  Do us ALL a favour.

Jeez Louise!

And I can tie a proper Windsor knot too, but don’t get me started.

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  1. Katie wanted to learn to drive and wanted to do her automatic licence but we said no and explained that if you can drive a manual car you can drive an automatic but not the other way round. Anyway after complaining and mulling it over she has learnt to drive a manual and is a good driver (but we will see what the examiner thinks this Friday) and her pride and joy is a little Daihatsu Charade called Charlotte. Her very first car and it is a manual……….She drives my automatic but now prefers manual after all her compaining.

  2. Margaret – I can’t believe Katie is old enough to get a licence but your sentiment is absolutely spot on!

    Carol – I’m sure you are still a good person. 🙂 Why did you choose not to learn to drive a manual?

    HazelBB – good point. Not that I would consider myself a particularly great driver. 🙂

  3. There’s a lot that today’s kids don’t learn. Washing dishes by hand for example, so many people have dishwashers no. Don’t even get me started on the cooking vs. buying. I don’t drive at all. I probably could if I really had to, but not in city traffic which moves a lot faster now than when I first tried to drive, (on a country road). I get around by bus or walking.

  4. As I’m about to head into the “late 30s” age group, I don’t think I qualify for the “young people” demographic anymore but I have to raise my hand and say that I only learned to drive in an automatic. Sorry 😛

  5. I learnt in an auto but quickly learnt to drive a manual, it’s much safer, keeps you aware of your cars capabilities/limits and what your engine is doing far much more than an auto.

  6. Well, the car that was available to me when I learned to drive at a very elderly 30 was an automatic. But, really, I have no desire to drive a manual at all.

    Off the top of my head I can think of a dozen acquaintances over 30 who only know how to drive auto. And a dozen more that don’t know how to drive at all. Perhaps it is confined to the latte sipping, chardonnay swilling, inner-city set.

    Call me naive, but I honestly had no idea that people cared if people drove manual or automatic. Must be a WA thing – you’re all freaks anyway 😉

  7. Katie passed her driving test first time and is now driving me crazy to do her 25 hours on a log book, because she got her Learners Permit a year ago she falls under some of the “old” rules and some of the new ones…….this is all very complicated.

    Imagine how I feel, my first baby is now driving and she will be eighteen next year.

  8. I’m with you – I think that there should be a law that you cannot get an automatic car unless you are licenced for a manual.

    If your brakes fail in an auto you are stuffed unless you think to use your hand brake; at least in a manual you can use the clutch as well as the hand brake to stop…

    I drive an auto now, but still have no issues with a manual.

  9. I can only drive an automatic. At the time when I was learning to drive, both of my parents had automatic cars, and I was only working four hours (I was in high school still) and earning a measly $32 a week. Driving lessons with an instructor in a manual car were $40 a session. So, I took the affordable option. It wasn’t really an issue of laziness for me at the time.

    I consider myself a great driver – I’ve never been in an accident, I never speed, and I pay attention to what’s going on around me. That’s not to say that something will never go wrong, but so far I have a pretty good track record (touch wood).

    Now that I’ve been driving for almost eight years, I suppose you could say that it is an issue of laziness that I still can’t drive a manual 😛 Especially when there is a perfectly good one sitting in my drive way…

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