Oktoberfest or Ocsober

Ironic really that October is chosen for two “festivals” which have exactly polar opposite objectives.

Oktoberfest – that German celebration of beer – which we celebrated last night at the University Club – complete with German dancers and Oom Pa Pa music, sauerkraut and sausages… and what’s with the cut up socks?

Ocsober – a new festival of sobriety.  Which I must say I completely forgot about as I sat there last night with my glass of Shiraz.  What?  Not beer?  C’mon you know it is Belgian or nothing for me.

Which will you take part in?

6 Replies to “Oktoberfest or Ocsober”

  1. Hmm……..can’t say I had to give that one much thought. The celebration of beer of course! I did once attend the real thing in Munich but that was in another life.
    Like you I much prefer Belgian but hey, go on, twist my arm!!

  2. I’d like to say Oktoberfest but since my kids put a damper on my social life, Ocsober fest is more likely. I miss beer but there’s nothing worse than waking up to screaming kids when you have a hangover.

  3. The cut away socks are so the ankle slaps resound during the dancing. With socks covering the sound would be muffled. i love those slapping dances.

  4. Ocsober – you got to be jigging me and OKtoberfest – for the food except I don’t eat sauerkraut and beer nor raw sausage.
    I have never heard of Ocsober though good on those … who can

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