My Space – seriously kid unfriendly

We are lucky enough to have a granny flat out the back of our place called affectionately The Cabana.  As we don’t have a shed it comes in handy as a place for storing all that stuff that somehow accumulates when you’ve lived in the same house for ten years.

The camping equipment is under our old queen sized bed.  There are boxes of books that I’ve given up trying to find a shelf for but can’t bear to give away.  Dress ups, my cello, a guitar, two single beds, a sofa bed, an old desk, more camping equipment, luggage, the bicycles, a trunk of Groover’s sister’s stuff, fishing stuff, carpet cuts, unused appliances, gardening gear, a set of boules, several paintings and the old telly.  I’m sure you have a similar space at your place.

In the last few years, every six months or so I’ve cleaned it up so the kids to entertain their friends.  The telly is linked to a dvd player and they can lounge around talking rubbish and not disturb us… but no more.

It’s supposed to also be the spare room for guests but after my two and their friends have been there – the guests don’t really have much of a hope finding the bed.

I’ve decided as they NEVER clean it up, I’m going to reclaim it for me.  It is now Myspace.

I’ve had the sewing machine fixed up and I now can – theoretically – do some sewing projects.

I’ve fixed the telly so I can watch videos as I sew or type in blissful peace, playing my music… should I wish to.

Some may say it’s selfish.  I say they should have bloody cleaned up!

7 Replies to “My Space – seriously kid unfriendly”

  1. It’s probably really good for your health to have a private place like that. Stress reducing and all.
    You should go all 80’s teen age rebellion on them and have a no kids allowed sign. Just make sure you spell it incorrectly and hang it on an angle.

  2. Your own personal space! I’m green with envy.
    You could store those boxes of books at my place. I promise to treat them with the love and respect they deserve…….

  3. Well it didn’t last too long. As I type there are two teenage boys up there watching telly, having a sleep over.

    This is known as a trial.

    I’ll just see how clean and tidy it is when they leave… 🙂

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