Please help Ivy by signing the petition

One of my must reads is Three Ring Circus. Tiff writes about her family of 7 kids, including little Ivy who is struggling at the moment.  

Reading her struggles makes me grateful every day for the health for my two.  (touchwood)

The thing is, Ivy needs a particular drug to help her, and approval has been denied.  Her paediatrician is going to plight her case to the drug board and in the meantime a petition has been set up to support his application.  Here’s a summary of Ivy’s story.

It’s really easy to sign on and takes about 4 minutes tops, and that’s if you’re a really slow typist!

Please.  Sign the petition and lets get Ivy the drug she needs to live a healthy, happy life.  And for Tiff’s family to do the same.

Update: Tuesday 9th September. Good news – Ivy is going to get the drug she needs.

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  1. Boy, this petition’s really getting around. Well done Veronica. I’ve signed it twice. Once on an Aus blog and once on an Amer. blog. I hope Ivy gets the help she needs.

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