A dinner for clever people

Remember how we won that quiz nite way back in July? Well last night we used the prize – a $500 voucher at Lamonts in Cottesloe.

Winners are grinners

Winners are grinners.

This is another Kate Lamont restaurant to go with the East Perth posh dining and the more rustic fare in the Swan Valley.

The business model is a wine bar, serving little plates of yumminess – none of which I photographed (sorry TFP).

It is not a cheap night out.

I’ve been there a few times now and enjoyed the atmosphere – which is buzzing. I’ve never been there when it’s quiet. The wine is always good. The tea organic. The service exceptional. But the food…

You know, it is beautifully prepared but I just find it a bit meh.

Last night we had the scallops… or should I say scallop. You only get one scallop per serve and even for a small plate of yumminess that’s a bit rich I think. The slice I had was delicious.

The venison chorizo was also tasty – I’d recommend that if you go.

The truffle fritters were deep fried and that saves many a dish – I found the centre tasteless myself.

The roulade was generous (for Lamonts) and quite tasty – loved the pistachios.

We had the beef and mushroom pie – the pastry was heavenly, the filling was okay – but I didn’t crave more…

We had a potato and artichoke (I think) stack – which I didn’t like at all… but it was slightly better than the scordalio I had last time – bleah… it’s like a lump of cold mashed potato.

And we had the saffron chips. They were yummy.

We tried the chocolate mousse – which I had last time and found a bit heavy – and the creme caramel – which I must admit was the best creme caramel I have ever tasted.

I left feeling vaguely unsatisfied with the food.

It was like reading a book from an award winning author. All the ingredients are there, you know the author is celebrated, but… you just can’t get into it. You feel you should… but you’re left wanting another book.

Hey the company was great though!

Does this look like a girl whose car tire is flat?

Winners are grinners

Winners are grinners

And afterwards our chivalrous blokes changed a tyre.

Chivalry is not dead

7 Replies to “A dinner for clever people”

  1. Your friends look nice (K straightens his tie)

    What’s with the white gloves? Are they changing a wheel or something?

    I’m all hungry now what with all that food talk… I *know there’s a banana around here somewhere.

  2. Yes indeed your friends do look nice!

    But I agree…….what are 7 (even 7 clever) people supposed to do with 1 scallop? Despite delicate carving of the poor little thing it didn’t register on my taste buds.
    When 7 people order things to share perhaps the staff should suggest rethinking the scallop.

  3. Sounds like the food could’ve been great but didn’t quite get there for you. Oh well. I’ve had many a mediocre dining out event saved by excellent company, which I think applies in this case. 🙂

  4. Absolutely!

    And I’ll go back.

    I’ll order the chips and the chorizo, washed down with a lovely glass or two of fine wine… maybe followed by coffee and another serve of that superb creme caramel.

    Hmmm now I get why I have a weight problem at the moment. 🙂

  5. Finally I got to see your note on the ‘clever people’ (after an enjoyable night with you WITH enjoyable food – as always when Rory cooks). Anyway, I’m miffed! I don’t often get included in the group name of clever people but this time I was one!!!! What about us poor clever people who were missing in action that night? We’re clever too! Just missing a few of those calories and wines you consumed!!

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