How embarrassment!

Spring has sprung

This my lime tree – in flower again while on some branches ripe fruit hangs. I think it’s confused.

It really has nothing to do with this post except to say if you sucked on a wedge of lime your face might resemble the look on the person’s face when you say something – or do something really embarrassing.

Have you ever done that?

Something to this day you regret saying, that you would curl up with remorse, that you would really like to take back.

I’m sure there have been hundreds of moments for me but one that I will never forget is talking with a mate about the term MILF… you know…. Mothers I’d like to F….  Someone else (who I was sure was gay but hadn’t come out) came up and asked what we were talking about and this mate says… you know MILF – don’t you think Cellobella is MILF?  Oh, I say, I don’t think I’m his type.  What do you mean?  OMG I could have died.

Some very awkward backpedalling.

And as I said, a face like he’d just sucked something sour.

Lets not mention the “when are you due” question – THAT MUST NEVER BE ASKED!

I can even remember once canoeing with this boy I rather fancied… I was about 15.  He fell out of his canoe and I DIVED in to go to his aid.  When I came to the surface he was, of course, not needing my help (I’m not even a strong swimmer) and I back-paddled to look as if I was just going for a swim… as you do.

Canoes are for noobs, right?