Can you live with bad spelling?

Me… not so much.

Sure I’m not perfect. Definitely has always been a tricky one for me and just the other day bolognese had me a bit flummoxed but if I notice a mistake – I can’t go to sleep knowing that it’s there.

I write a lot for my living and I read a lot, and let me tell you that bad spelling, especially on a job application does not impress.

Sure on radio you could argue does spelling really matter? – it’s not like anyone can actually see the words – but it does matter.

If you’re reading a script and you notice a bad spelling you check yourself. The read can become stilted, can sound read as you try and decipher what is being meant.

Bad spelling can change the meaning of the sentence… and worse really bad spelling can make you giggle – and laughing on air – well what if it was a script about a serious subject – an obituary for example.

Frankly if it’s typewritten there is no excuse.

Handwritten? Should I be grateful they can write at all? Well everyone makes mistakes I guess. I’ll allow one or two but no more.

This guy? Well I can hear he is frustrated with the bad spelling he encounters everyday – my advice – never give up!

Colin – I join you in your crusade!