Watching the Opening Ceremony

aussies thanks to The West - click to read article[pronounced ceremonny you understand not ceremoany]

It is endless isn’t it, the parade of nations. Both Groover and Dippity are asleep – Hugamuga on a sleepover. I’m a bit over it myself but determined to stay up to watch the Australians walk in. They come in third last.

Plus, I’m curious to see how the Chinese light the cauldron. We’ll see just how curious if I make it to the end.

So far the majority of teams appear to be wearing white. Yawn. Thank goodness for those Caribbean and African teams who bring a bit of colour to the scene.

Oooh I like the Spanish – red and yellow as you’d expect. And New Zealand look pretty stylish in black. And sure the Italians look stylish – but grey. Boring. The French looked bizarre – the women with huge red belts over their shirts.

The Americans – with their enormous team – I thought looked good. I really liked the fact that both the men and women wore the same gear. It looked so much better than having different uniforms for the women. Classy. Nice stuff.

I don’t know what happened to Channel 7’s commentary. We were watching on HD and there was practically none. Terrible. So we switched the sound to 720 ABC Perth and listened to Glenn Mitchell and Tracey Holmes describe both the spectacle and the teams entering the arena. Great job. Really added to the coverage – and also filled us in on what was happening during the TV ad breaks. 🙂

Hmmmm the Mexican women looked nice didn’t you think?

Waiting waiting waiting for the Aussies.

The Opening Ceremony was pretty impressive wasn’t it. The unison in which the dancers moved was exquisite.

And getting the athletes to walk through the paint… neat.

Ah they are coming in…


They are wearing a shiny tracksuit top which is the palest of pale blue at the top fading down to navy at the bottom which blends into the trousers (held up by silver belts).

The tracksuit tops in close up don’t look like they fit terribly well, but I will say looking down on the stadium they do look rather nice.

Better en masse from a distance but … okay.

Phew. Always a heart in the mouth moment.

Gotta go now. A cauldron to light and a family to relocate to their beds.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

Updated to add: Oooh I like how they used the athletes footprints as the stage. Very neat.

(Xinhua Photo) Photo Gallery>>>

Updated again to say: The lighting of the cauldron? Rocked. London – you’ve got some work to do.