Billiards, boxes and bloggers – my weekend

Last night we went back to my old university college for a dinner to celebrate the recent fundraising. The guest list was described to me as “a bit random” with one old girl or boy from each year.

We met in the Junior Common Room – a place where I spent a great part of my four years at Uni. For those who might have been there too – what is missing from the photograph below?

The Junior Common Room

That’s right. Where is the billiard table?! I can tell you where. It’s underneath South Wing. What the?

The billiard table is responsible for me being okay at pool. There was one pocket – the top left – we used to call the suction pocket because you only had to get the ball near it for it to be magically sucked down.

I found out last night that when they moved the table they discovered that the floorboards underneath it had completely rotted. Perhaps that’s what caused the slant.

Anyway it’s not going to go back. They are planning on extending the common room through where the kitchens are now… but it won’t be the same.

The JCR had one nice addition though…

Pianola boxes

The olden day equivalent of a CD collection!

Pianola boxes

Oh I love me a pianola.

Much wine was drunk thanks to this lady (who I noticed didn’t touch a drop herself).

The Chairman

In fact that probably explains why she was the one who came up with the line of the night. We were talking about my brother – who was there in her year – apparently he really hated one of the tutors and painted a rather graphic painting of her which was put up in the annual art auction… this is the students’ chance to rent a college artwork for the year and raise money for EOTK’s (end of term kegs).

The line was: “It was so graphic, that it wasn’t just her eyes that followed you round the room!”

And she seemed so demure too… 😉

All that red wine made it difficult to get up this morning but I was due to meet fellow blogger Jaycee for coffee. We went to the Dome in Northbridge.

JJ - Cameraman

Jaycee had brought her own photographer. 🙂


What a cutie.

I always find it interesting to meet other bloggers and to see what blogs in common we read. Turns out quite a few – which I guess isn’t really a surprise as we are both moderators with Aussie Bloggers.

After yesterday’s downpour today was absolutely brilliant. Blue blue skies. One of those bright winter’s days that makes you happy to be living in Perth.

This is my first winter without a dryer so I desperately needed a break in the weather, and I was pleased for Jaycee and JJ’s sake that Perth had finally turned on the weather it is known for.

The rest of the day has just been a catch up on the washing and shopping day – oh and I have another loaf of No Knead Bread on the go… this time using “proper” bread flour. I can taste it already… yum!