But I don’t surf?

Busy nights

Here I am in my luxurious BrisVegas room at the Marriott in Surfers Paradise. My first ever foray into Queensland.

Surfers reminds me of Orlando or Miami or Atlantic City. Mile after mile of big multi-story hotels. A giant strip mall. I drove up from the Gold Coast Airport and scored a great taxi driver who was like a personal tour guide. Everyone has been very friendly. You can tell this town makes their money from tourism.

The Marriott has those huge cane fans lazily pushing air back and forth in the foyer, a massive curving stairway and a pool that looks like it’s been themed by Universal Studios – who knows – perhaps it has.

I’m here for a conference looking at crisis communications. The line up looks good and certainly the venue is lovely. Now if only I could get my multimedia devices to do what they are supposed to do.

Ah well – I guess I’ll just have to lie back and watch cable TV… 🙂

Creative Commons License photo credit: Dafydd359

5 Replies to “But I don’t surf?”

  1. wow that lounge looks swish… why would you want to leave the airport?

    kids are fine – being looked after by their grandmother – just horribly jealous is all.

    I kind of wish they were here to see the pool.

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