Is fan fiction a bad thing?

by Cellobella on Monday, June 9, 2008

Reading Spot

My girl reads a lot of fiction but not books.

She reads fan fiction. Fiction written by fans of an author using the author’s world, and the author’s characters.

In Dippity’s case it’s Harry Potter and Avatar and there is a lot of it.

Fan fiction is not a new thing and I suspect some interesting collaborations have come out of it… so the writing isn’t all bad. And if it inspires someone to write, well, isn’t that a good thing?

She spends a lot of her free time with her head in a laptop – would I care so much if it was in a book? After all much of my childhood was spent reading. I read everywhere – walking to and from school, in the car, in bed, I didn’t feel dressed unless I was holding a book… so what is the difference?

I guess to be fair she did read the original Harry Potters before going online. I guess what I really hate is her unwillingness to try new authors.

It makes it very boring when going to a bookshop or library.

Should I be concerned? Or should I just be grateful that she’s reading… anything at all?

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river June 10, 2008 at 3:22 pm

I say be grateful that she’s reading. Her author world will expand when she’s ready. (I tend to have favourite authors myself.) Fan fic is great stuff, it gives a reader a whole new perspective that the original author didn’t see. It gets people reading and writing that maybe otherwise wouldn’t dream of picking up a book. The internet has become the library for today’s young ones. My younger daughter K is like you, always a book with her. Along with her ipod, her mobile (with internet) and at home there’s her laptop as well. She’s a multi tasker.I used to read as much, but now find i can’t read while walking or on the bus. I still read while I’m waiting for blogs to load, and while I’m eating, also during the ad breaks on tv.

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