Live blogging my flu jab

This year my workplace is offering free flu jabs. I don’t want to get the flu and have heard anecdotally good things from those who regularly get it. It’s a dead vaccine. I thought I’d take them up on the offer. Here’s my story:

Went up to sick bay. Nurse (a bloke) got me to sign a form – he stuck a little sticker next to my name and wiped my arm with alcohol. It’s a tiny needle. I didn’t feel anything as the needle went into my arm but a slight sting when the vaccine was pushed in. After a quick rub down again. I was free to go. I walked out feeling slightly light-headed because of the adrenaline rush 🙂 but fine.

My arm feels a little heavy – but I could be imagining it. I can still feel the entry point. My arm feels cool possibly because of the alcohol drying on my skin.

Shoulders are stiff but I think that’s because of the Wii boxing I did over the weekend… otherwise no effects from jab.

At home and about to sip a glass of white wine as I make the evening meal – marinated lamb chops and… hmmm haven’t worked that out yet. The tiniest pink dot on my arm reveals where the needle went in. Arm still feels slightly heavy but not sore.

Arms feel normal. Could be effect of wine.

Can’t sleep. Tossed and turned since about 11pm then gave up. Possibly not the effect of the jab. Just how it is.

Thursday 5th June
Noticed some tenderness today at the puncture site.

In the meantime – do you get a flu jab? What led you to make your decision?