Bring back the V-neck

look at those aborted v-necksThere’s a big thunderstorm in Perth today so I am staying in and blogging, ignoring the shop I have to do and any other chores.

Groover is watching the Eagles get thrashed by Collingwood and I find myself irritated by their jumpers. It seems to be a trend that the new footy jerseys have this little bit across the V that I think looks NAFF.

Is it just so their clothing sponsor can show their logo?

The look is terrible, a nothing neck-line. An aborted V-neck. I won’t be buying anything from them in protest to their bad taste!

A V-neck is so much more stylish. And there’s even the chance of seeing a tuft of manly hair to get the ladies excited.

C’mon you footy teams – bring back the V-neck. You know I’m right.