12 Replies to “Why I’ve cancelled my facebook account”

  1. hehe. Like the video!

    I am so over facebook, but luckily I don’t get poked or hugged or anything much, so i haven’t bothered to “deactivate”.

  2. I have nearly defacebooked a couple of times. And then in the last week or so I’ve reconnected with half a dozen old school friends, so I’ve added some more photos and re-added the link to our 20-year reunion (next year! aaghh!) But I have stopped playing Scrabulous and I have also de-Twittered, and suddenly SUDDENLY the washing is getting done.

  3. Hello
    I saw you on Ken Armstrong’s today. That clip is funny…very creepy.
    I did get a facebook account because I wanted to see what it was and you can’t even look at it really without joining. I never used it though – it all seemed really long-winded and hard work…for what…scrabble? Scrabble? I use MySpace for all the music and don’t mind it so much.

    It says you live in Perth on your info thing. Which Perth? Not that I’m going to come round or anything…just wondering if people in Australia watch BBC3. That must up its figures a bit.

  4. I’ve thought about pulling out of Facebook time and time again. I get sometimes so that I just hit “ignore” for everything and sometimes it seems so pointless…..and it is…..but I’m still not quite ready to let go…..

  5. Great clip – it’s from Alexa Chung’s new show, right? I have major jealousy issues with her re: her boyfriend, but that’s a whole other story…

    I’ve never been a Facebook person, more of a Bebo girl. It’s all very civilised over there. No poking.

  6. How scarily true is THAT!!!!

    I got contacted by a VERY ex-boyfriend. So far I’ve been ignoring him but I feel kind of guilty.

    Have to admit I very rarely go there anymore and I’ve turned off all those stupid notifications that send me an email every time someone pokes or throws something at me. *sigh*

  7. Welcome Rachel – Perth, Western Australia.
    And that’s the beauty of Youtube – even we colonials get to see the good stuff. Although to be fair – we usually get to see good comedy about 6 months after you guys. 🙂

    Alexa Chung?? I don’t know much about the show I’m afraid but I’ll look her up (not on facebook!)

    Oooh Lightening a very ex-boyfriend – interesting dilemma!

    It’s funny… I am a bit torn about it deactivating it but… who has time??

  8. I use facebook for keeping in touch with friends overseas. We had our 10 year reunion this year (I feel so young) and we had 20 people attend here (out of 82) and the one in London had over 40!!

    Plus my sister in the US, my brother in the army, friends travelling the world. I just checked and I have over 500 unread things – invites and the like. I ignore it all.

    Oh and we use it like a study group for uni as well. I guess it’s like anything net related, take what’s useful to you, ditch the rest 🙂

  9. Boy I am tired, check out my typos! Sorry about that. It should have read:
    I am so behind with social media. I find blogging takes up enough time :). I have considered getting a Twitter account. Do you have one and if so would you recommend?

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