Useful, random and untrue

Dunsborough Sunrise

I really love this photo – straight out of the camera – the morning light is so buttery.

Guera tagged me for the eight random things meme with a twist. Now I’ve done the 8 random things meme before but not with a twist… but then, the next day, my new found blogging buddy Mrs M from New York Renovator tagged me with the 7 useful things about me meme and so I thought – randomly – that I would combine the two and do the:

7 Useful Things About Me Meme – with a twist!

And here’s the twist – one of these useful things about me is a lie. Guess in comments which one…

  1. I can’t sleep if my feet are cold. This is useful if you want me to go to sleep.
  2. I have made two teddy bears in my life. Just in case you need one made anytime.
  3. I am a fast reader, especially when I like the book. Need something read? Call me.
  4. I’m a very good navigator specialising in clear directions. Who needs TomTom? I can even do a BIM accent.
  5. I can make an excellent sponge. Afternoon tea anyone? I’m your girl.
  6. When it comes to Belbin’s personalities at work – I’m more your resource investigator.
  7. Having said that, I love me a good spreadsheet. Excel is my friend.

Okay there you go. Seven useful facts about me… well six facts and one fiction.

Which one is the fiction?

Who is tagged?

And I tag for those of you who are interested…

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Now just to make life a little more interesting one of these blogs is not like the others… can you pick the odd one out?