Nothing like a biosolid necklace to make you feel better

Margaret Domurad proudly wears the treatment plant productI’ve been feeling poorly over the last 24 hours. Vomiting. And I never vomit. In fact I reckon you can divide the world into vomiters and non-vomiters. Vomiting is much more stressful for a non-vomiter. Such a shock to the system.

Anyway, it’s all been a bit bleah.

Luckily I live with Groover who cheered me up with a little article from “Flowing Forward” produced by the Water Corporation‘s Communication Division.

Margaret Domurad (pictured) is wearing shit. Yes. Literally.

She collected some “biosolids” – that’s Water Corp speak for poo – and crystalised them at about 1400 degrees centigrade. She then asked a friend to make them into a necklace. Apparently it doesn’t smell.

I can’t see it taking off though. Not in a big way.