Brain space – the zen of blogging

I can’t tell you how often people ask me how I find the time to blog, but the truth is where others might meditate, or do some yoga, or pray… I blog.


I find it relaxing. To let my consciousness stream via the keyboard onto a white screen. To play with the words. To shape and reshape my thoughts.

Blogging opens my mind and releases the frantic thoughts that buzz inside my head.

When I blog, I’m not thinking about all the jobs I haven’t done, the mountain of work awaiting me. How I might approach a meeting tomorrow, what words to achieve my goal with that report. Not to mention the housework piling up, the kids’ dinner, health, glasses… and where is Groover anyway?

I just blog.

I just am.

I add a photo. I jot down a few tags. I select the categories. I hit publish.

My thought bubble, now words on a screen, floats away into the sunset.

My mind is clear.