Rainy day in paradise

raindrops in the pool

I’m not one to complain – wait… yes I am – anyway today it’s the first real day post daylight savings and I must say… I miss it!

It’s SO dark SO early. I feel like I’ve stepped from summer to winter in one fell swoop.

Of course it wasn’t helped by the fact that it was a rainy rainy day thanks to Cyclone Pancho. (31.6 mm since 9am this morning)

Maximum temp in my suburb of 16C (what’s that about? – this is Perth people!).

I got home from work, cold, sniffly and waited no more than two seconds before slipping off my sandals for my trusty ugg boots. I love you my ugg boots… smooches.

We had pasta for dinner and now I feel back in the land of the living – should be mostly fine tomorrow and yes, alright… we need the rain.

One thing that really cheered me up was the fact that South Park is now online – although sadly, not yet in Australia.