Irony and Ornery

I was so angry today at work… not grumpy angry just… grrrr… “why are you bothering me!” angry.

Honestly if one more person had rung me with another inane, stupid question that if they’d thought about for hmmm maybe ONE minute they might have worked it out themselves.

My job is not doing your jobs for you people!

I shouted at the phone after hanging up quite a lot today.

But that’s not where the irony lay…

Today I spent the day encouraging, cajolling, organising about 30 people to get their heads around blogging.

That’s right. We get to blog at work.

Well… they do.

The irony is that I – possibly the person most keen on blogging in my division, in my state – don’t get a blog.


I might start one anyway just to be ornery. What d’ya reckon?


In good news – I have found my favourite jeans which have been lost for a week. And tomorrow I get to go to Broome. W00t.

Creative Commons License photo credit: blatch