New Year Resolutions

newyearIt’s still January so a review of my New Year’s Resolutions seems to be in order (last year I did this in March).

So without further ado – the audit:

1. Return emails efficiently

I reckon I’m pretty good at returning emails. Mostly. Except when I’m on holidays. Today at work I had to go through over a 1000. I deleted anything sent to me more than a week ago. I figure if it’s really important someone will tell me. It’s not as if they wouldn’t have got an email saying I was on hols. I’m prepared for this to bite me on the bum.

2. Play bridge once a week

Well I tried. I still need to find a regular partner though.

3. Love my children

Well they are pretty lovable – this isn’t hard unless they are being very trying!

4. Love my husband

See 3.

5. Love my job

I haven’t been good at this. This year I’m changing my attitude. Life’s too short eh?

6. Be better at keeping in contact with friends

This is hard to measure. And I’ve made a heap new friends via this blog. I think I’ve been slightly better… 🙂

7. Blog regularly

Finally one I can say I did live up to!

8. Say yes


9. Save

Very rubbish at this one.

10. Explore new opportunities

Haven’t really done this either. 🙁

But lets not dwell on the past! This year I resolve to:

1. Begin each work day affirming why I love what I do. I figure that all jobs have bits you hate but I mostly like my job so why not start from a happy place.
2. Review every book I read.
3. Keep my mobile phone charged.
4. Buy a laptop.
5. Put money aside for savings every paycheck.
6. Find a regular bridge partner.

I know I should have some fitness/diet things in there but hey, I figured I’d set myself some realistic goals!