Home sweet home

fluffy ducksHome. There is nothing quite like opening your front door after being away and smelling that stale air of unlived in space and knowing it is YOURS!

Seeing a few dusty corners, blessing your housesitting friends for making the house tidy (was it tidy when we left? I don’t remember…) and bagsing the shower first.

Ahhhh we do water pressure well in Western Australia. For the first time in weeks I feel clean. I blow dry my hair and use my styling irons for the first time in 5 weeks – for some reason they didn’t work in the US – I’m no Barbie Doll but I love my GHDs. I pull on a pair of white jeans. I open some mail. I assess the state of the fridge… hmmm only one bottle of wine left…

I empty the suitcases and put on the first wash and head out to buy some fruit and veg, some milk and meat, and get my car washed and pump up the tires.

Surprisingly – given the 16 hour flight from New York – 7 hour wait in Bangkok – and 7 hour hop to Perth – I feel like a box of fluffy ducks (as Groover would say). Must have been inhaling the smell of the gumtrees at the airport.

Still it’s taken me a while to kick the family off the computers so I can have some “me” time. Which means of course YOU time dear internet!

I’ve got a notebook full of thoughts and ramblings, a Flip full of videos and a couple of hundred stills to play with. Bliss. I will never leave home on a long trip without a laptop again.


Happy Birthday Meg! 🙂 Go you good thing!