This is the first novel set in the Pern world of Dragons by an author other than Anne McCaffrey. I love this world. I found it when searching for Christmas presents…

The author is Anne’s son Todd, whom she has collaborated on two Pern novels before.

It is set between times. At the end of the first pass and at the start of the third. In the future a disease is affecting the dragons of Pern so that they die within three weeks.

At first I thought this was going to be another – was it Dragon Flight – where a dragon rider goes back in time to rescue the future but Todd doesn’t fall into the trap.

I enjoyed it. Staying up into the wee smalls to read it curled up on a soft cozy sofa in a log cabin with the fire crackling before me. I think Todd captures the world well and progresses the storyline. Wind Blossom’s photophobic watchwhers are explained for instance.

And yes, I will be looking out for the next one.