A new blogging term – to slab.

I’ve discovered a new blogging term. The word is SLAB.

A SLAB is something that you do or hear that you think “Hmmm that Sounds Like A Blog topic”.

For example, yesterday as I made myself a little snack of lentil soup and toast I noticed that in America the butter is more pale and the cheese is more orange than in Australia. And Groover said… that sounds like a blog.

Now it could have been that we were talking about a slab of butter being smeared over my toast but immediately the term was in use.

“Yes”, I said grinning around my whole wheat toast, “I’ll slab it tomorrow.”

And now, whenever we see something of possible interest we say. “Hmmm what do you reckon? Slab?”

And this shopping centre name amused me…

The Goodwives Shopping Center