F**ked Up

UPDATE: Ahh found it. Somehow I’ve removed a whole table from my database – categories – goodness knows how. I don’t remember doing that although I did delete other stuff. Anyway over the next little while I’ll be transferring info and then my lovely internets I will be whole again.

In the meantime, I’ll just blog as per normal…

I think we should start a new meme thingy though… how about “Backup Bluesday”?

Yes, I’ve been mucking around in the database.

Yes, I’ve deleted something I shouldn’t have.

No, I didn’t do a proper backup.

Yes, I’m an idiot.

If you know what I should do now. Apart from give up and start writing with a pen and paper.

Please tell me.

cellobella [at] gmail.com

* Well when I said I don’t have a proper backup… I’ve got one from a couple of weeks ago – so my question is if I restore the backup – will I lose my last couple of weeks of posts and your lovely comments??