Mr Weezee’s satay sticks

SatayIn the tradition of The Food Pornographer may I introduce you to the worst kept secret in the Western Suburbs – Mr Weezee’s Satay.

I’d heard others talk about this phenomenon of a shop and its quirky idiosyncracies and was intrigued. The co-manager of our cricket team told me where it was – in the middle of Chelsea Village – and taking a short detour home I dropped in this afternoon.

First of all – he only takes cash or cheque. That is important information as I don’t think there is a cashpoint there – well, not an obvious one.

You can buy chicken satay or beef satay, and I think that’s it! You can buy them in 12 packs or 25 packs – frozen. You can buy satay sauce separately. I bought 25 chicken sticks for $17.50 and a satay sauce (small plastic container) for $2.50. That fed my family of four… just. So this is not the cheapest meal on the block, but oh…

So yummy! The sticks are just the right size to barbeque. The sauce peanutty and as delicious with salads. A winner.

Shop G13 Chelsea Village 145 Stirling Hwy Nedlands WA 6009 (You have to go right inside the complex and it is a small shopfront in the northeastern quadrant).

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