Stop the presses!

PartnersThe Physicist and I tonight kicked butt. Yes my friends we won tonight’s session in the final of the Bridge Association of WA Mixed Pairs with a massive 62.1 per cent… Ooooh baby! And we weren’t playing numpty-heads. No, we had some very good players agin us.

Of course we needed about 80% to win the final overall but our score did get us into the top half, which given our poor effort on the first night wasn’t too bad.

The board of the night was board 24 where The Physicist earned himself a Double Beer Card in Defence. What is she talking about? Well, as I understand it if you win the contract by winning a trick with the seven of diamonds (the beer card) as your final trick you have earned yourself a beer. It’s a tradition that grew from youth bridge apparently. In WA if you set the contract in defence – it’s worth two beers.

So the hand…

Dlr W Nil Vul

The Physicist QT3, 864, AJ752, 98
North 5, AK75, T95, KJ762
Me AJ87642, QJT3, VOID, T4
South K9, 92, KQ863, AQ53

The bidding goes: Pass – (1C) – 3S – (4D) – 4S – (Pass) – Pass – (4NT*) – Pass – (5D) – Pass – (Pass) – X – all pass

4NT = she reckoned it was show your best minor, he reckoned he’d already shown no interest in diamonds so thought it was ace asking.

Down 3 for 500+ and a top. And The Physicist gets that last trick with the 7D. A double defensive beer card = 4 beers.


Anyway that’s the last of the serious bridge for a while. I’m off to buy another charm for my bracelet in celebration!