Hair, there and everywhere

02112007242Today you find your correspondent at the hair salon washing that grey right out of her hair.  I got up early to act as scorer at The Orchid Hunter’s cricket match.   Four hours of morse code later (have you ever scored a cricket match?  It’s all about dots, trust me), we lost and I joined the coven for lunch.

The Coven is The Poshi and the Software Engineer and I and we haven’t seen each other for ages so a lunch was in order, sandwiched (omg I’ve just wet myself with the wittiness of that pun) between cricket and my hair appointment.   Much gossip was shared.

So this is me pictured with the grey remover in place and foil on the arms of my glasses.   It kind of looks like there’s a small man on my shoulder sticking his arm in my brain.

The result is a little boofier than I thought but I think will be okay in the end.   Afterwards I picked up a tray of peaches – that is the real hallmark of Christmas!  And dropped in to see The Poshi for a quick pre-dinner drinkie.  It’s good to have her home if only for a couple of days. 🙂