Day one of NaBloPoMo

You might have noticed the little logo at the bottom of the right hand side navigation column… or not… what it means is that I’m taking part in National Blog Posting Month. All I have to do is blog everyday for the month of November.

Yeah. I reckon I can do that!

Last night I went to our first Born to Sing choir rehearsal… there’s already an unofficial blog about it… The author is in the alto section with me! 🙂

I love being in the choir – it is SO invigorating! I felt as high as if I’d taken something illegal at the end and was very garrulous I fear. Sure I can’t sing. Well, I can sing but badly… (a bit flat said Groover when I sang my part to him when I got home). And the alto part is HARD because it’s not the usual tune. But I love it love it love it.

The night before I watched The Orchid Hunter singing in his choir. He was singing Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven – the orchestral movements by Joe Woolfe. He stood there behind the orchestra right in the centre (just to the left of the Tuba) and sang his heart out. Excuse me while I wipe a tear of pride…

Are you in a choir?