More mobile advice for parents of teenagers

A colleague of mine gave me some interesting advice on the mobile question

“Cellobella”, she said, “don’t buy the phone.

“You rely on three things when you do so: one, that the phone is turned on, two, that the phone is charged and three, that the child has the phone with them.

“The chances of all these things happening at the same time are virtually nil.

“Besides, if everyone in the class has a phone, he can use someone elses.”

So I mentioned this to Feline as we went out to lunch today at Lamonts (did I mention it’s my birthday tomorrow…), and she said:

“The problem with getting him a phone is that then the arrangements you make become fluid. Instead of ‘I’ll meet you at the gate at 3.30 on the dot’ it becomes ‘I’ll meet you at the gate at 3.30 and will text you ten minutes before I get there’. The mobile allows plans to change and this can cause even more chaos.”

And as Feline wrote in comments, unless the phone is up-to-scratch rather than just scratched, he won’t use it anyway… That said both of Feline’s teenagers have phones. 🙂

Finally I spoke to a male colleague who told me about a phone available where you can program the phone with just 10 numbers so that it can’t be used “willy nilly”. Is that a gecko phone? I read one forum which said I would be setting my kid up to be bullied if I bought one… so maybe not…

So. I think I’ll get him a new phone on some cheap pre-pay with text plan. But who? In comments I have two “votes” for Optus and one for Virgin…