Top 50 Australian Women Bloggers

Women Australian Bloggers

Hey guess what?! I’m on the inaugural Top 50 Australian Women Blogger list over at All for Women (thanks to Leigh and Meg). Yay me! And thank you for reading this blog and making it so.

Now the pressure is on to create interesting and erudite reading material for you… my fingers are flexed, my computer is buzzing… 🙂

In the meantime, your correspondent thanks you for your advice on mobile phones.

The Orchid Hunter (my boy) now says he won’t have a mobile phone if he has to use my munted old one.

Well! Of all the cheek! Should be grateful to get one at all.

(Oh that’s right it’s me who wants him to have one)

Apparently there are only two other kids in his class who don’t have a mobile phone. Isn’t that amazing?

Can you remember when they first came out? They were so special and only really high-powered executives seemed to have them. The rest of us sneered and said we wouldn’t want to be permanently on-call while secretly wishing we had one too. We couldn’t justify getting one ourselves and work didn’t see the need. Now I couldn’t imagine not having a mobile. Or a computer. Or a blog. Or a digital camera.

I can lose the PDA though. In fact, I have lost it… 🙁