The nanny state future of Australia

What do Australians want in 2007?  According to David Chalke from Australia Scan we want to be looked after. 

The free market, capitalism rules, competition days are over says David, instead just tell me which product is the best.  Make my decisions for me.

Do we like brands?  You bet we do.  They simplify our choices for us.

Australians in 2007 have a finite capacity to act.  There is just too much to take in, too much going on.  We are constantly re-evaluating our lives and simplifying what we do.  We have choice fatigue.

And do we want a strong economy?  Not really.  We want prosperity.  And lets face it – the resources boom doesn’t bring prosperity to the masses.  Instead the cost of living increases and for many their salary just doesn’t keep pace.

We like government in Australia says David, and we want them to fix things – and we depend on them. 58% of us receive a benefit of some kind.

And just as we want more rules from government, we want more rules for our kids as well – the permissive days of days past are gone – we’ve gone from permissive towards rigid in our parenting style.

A look at NSW health by David Chalke – this is the style of his presentation…