Freedom through eye-wear

by Cellobella on Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Still on public transport in Melbourne – I’ve caught a train and a tram now – it occurs to me that society wouldn’t function as well if it wasn’t for sunglasses. Sunglasses, especially those with reflective lenses, allow you to examine your fellow passengers without feeling self conscious or rude.

Well perhaps a little self conscious…

What freedom it is to stare at another person, a person you don’t know and may never know. Is that a mole on their neck or the edge of a tattoo or just a speck of dirt? Why did she choose to wear that particular shade of green with that orange skirt… I wonder if they’ve noticed they haven’t done the buttons up quite right this morning. Oooh I love those reading glasses… I wonder what brand they are… I wonder what you do, sitting there all cool and self-important, earpieces in, D&G oversized sunglasses covering most of your face… hang on…

Could you be looking at me?

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