Michael Tolliver Lives

By Armistead Maupin.

Of course I’ve just been to his lecture so I’m in the mood to read his words with rose coloured glasses on… if you like his Tales series – you’ll love this too.

We pick up the story – now in first person – with Michael Tolliver now aged 55. You might remember when we last left him he was dying of AIDS. He survived and is now married to Ben. I’m never quite sure how autobiographical these novels are – many of the anecdotes certainly are as I found out at the lecture. Suffice to say he’s now married too but not at City Hall… he went to Vancouver for his wedding.

It’s a story about fatherhood, about forgiveness v acceptance, about secrets and how they shape our behaviour, about loyalty.

It is an easy read – unless you’re completely homophobic and can’t handle gay sex scenes – then it might be a little confronting. And charming.

Armistead said his next book will feature Mary Ann’s tale – I can’t wait.