Ugg Boot Miracle

I nearly had to throw my ugg boots out.

Yes it is true. They were so munted, so split, that I couldn’t walk in them and besides all that cold air getting in kind of defeated the purpose.

Ugg boots Ugg boots

Now I’m not an advocate of wearing ugg boots outside – they are NOT a fashion statement. They are a very comfortable and warm addition to my wardrobe and I can’t do without them. In fact I’m planning on getting some new ones at the Perth Royal Show. I bought some for Groover a couple of years ago and they are a much more sturdy make. But the show is still some weeks off and my tootsies were chilled.

I was desperate.

So before you throw your well loved uggys out… try this:

Find a knee-hi stocking. You might not own one but they are very cheap.

Stretch stocking over sad ugg boot.

Problem solved.

Ugg boots Ugg boots

Of course, you’ll still be wearing ugg boots but as I said, ugg boots have their place. 🙂