Good on ya Russell

by Cellobella on Wednesday, September 19, 2007

And Pete!

The move by the Rabbitoh’s owners Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court to get rid of the pokies at their club should be celebrated across the land.

…there are plans afoot for South Sydney Leagues Club to get rid of its 160 poker machines when the refurbished club opens its doors next year.

The Rabbitohs’ co-owners, actor Russell Crowe and businessman Peter Holmes a Court, have come up with the idea but the proposal is yet to go before the leagues club’s board.

Mr Holmes a Court says the club can generate an income without poker machines.

“There’s other places in the world where people run profitable venues without poker machines and we believe that’s the responsible thing to do in our community.”

That’s right Peter…. Perth is one of them.

Listening to Peter on AM this morning I was inspired to hear him put the social costs of pokies above the financial reward. May others follow your lead. Thank you for taking it.


gacjezv September 19, 2007 at 9:06 am

Its more than likely they will be able to sustain the business by generating other forms of income due to its profile and public support. My observations are that in the amateur sporting clubs they will struggle to survive without a revenue stream like this. Not that I support pokies at all, but my own experience at a club that is pokie free is one of constant struggle and lack of any real progress through the ranks.
I’d be very keen to understand what the other revenue streams are?

Cellobella September 19, 2007 at 11:05 am

They are good points but we have active clubs in WA that don’t use pokies for revenue. They can’t. I’m not saying it’s easy. And it won’t be easy for Crowe/Holmes a Court to get it past their board either.
However what they may find, if they can make a venue with great entertainment and food, that people will appreciate a pokie free venue and the stand the club is making to reduce the social costs.
And all the publicity won’t hurt either.
(see Gacjezv’s more expansive post on his site)

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