If you don’t want the answer…

…don’t ask the question.

No, I’m not talking politics.  This is straight from the year 5/6 class at my daughter’s school…

The students were divided into groups and asked to come up with ten disgusting things.

The usual answers came out… stepping in dog poo, putting your shoe on and there’s cat vomit in it, eating brains, seeing your parents kiss…

But one group stepped over the line.

Avert your eyes now if you’re the delicate type…

“Seeing your parents hump in the shower.”

OMG!  How digusting!

The teacher’s face drained of blood.  How on earth do you respond to that?

Well the kids got into trouble: “I don’t think you boys know the difference between what you say in the playground or in your own homes and what you can say in front of me!  It’s not acceptable!”

I reckon the kids were hard done by…  Can you think of anything more disgusting?!

One Reply to “If you don’t want the answer…”

  1. I agree the kids were hard done by. Taste aside (no accounting for other people’s, etc.), the teacher asked the kids for infomation, and they provided it! Like our business, if she wasn’t prepared for the answers she shouldn’t have asked the question.

    Where’s the trust? *sigh* Where’s the sense of humour?? With the right outlook she could be dining out on that one for years!

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