I was involved in a crash on the way home this afternoon. I was the car that got banged into by the car that got hit by another car.

Luckily I have installed a bike rack on my bullbar.

This is the second time it has saved me from major damage to my bumper. Worth whatever I paid for it despite only using it once to transport bikes. Don’t think it will be moving any bicycles anytime soon though.

Yay for my bike rack! Yay for my bike rack! Yay for my bike rack!

Anyhow the interesting bit is where the smash happened. The Polly Pipe, the Northbridge Tunnel, the Graham Farmer Freeway.

I haven’t crashed in the tunnel before. We pulled over into the emergency lane… well I did and so did the guy who crashed into us… we had to push the poor guy in the middle. And as we were standing there swapping details we hear over the loudspeaker – would the people in the emergency lane please go to the emergency phone closest to you. Well I assumed that’s what they said, it was a bit hard to hear as it was distorted with all the echoing and the thunderous sound of peak hour traffic.

So I went to the phone and a pleasantly spoken chap said he was sending in a tow truck, wouldn’t cost us anything but we needed to clear the tunnel. Hey I understood this. Don’t want to be a road hazard. Anyway I thought the middle car would probably need one.

A tow truck turned up about ten minutes later and I was ready to roll. It’s not pleasant standing around in the cold and exhaust fumes in the tunnel. And as you can see – my bike rack saved the day! I might check that the towbar isn’t damaged though… hate to be towing a trailer and it give way.  Not that I’ve ever towed a trailer with my car…yet.