Cake stall

immy_miranda I came home today to a slice of sponge (well without baking powder it was more like shortcake but yummy none-the-less) and a cup of tea. 

My gorgeous girl had been baking.

As she had with her friend Panda over the weekend.  They planned, shopped, cooked and sold cupcakes and chocolate chip biccies and the biccies in particular were very nice indeed.

All up their little stall (in the rain) made them five dollars each which they were happy with.

Next time they are going to try and time their opening hours to fit in with the morning footy crowd.

Oh and yes, I’ve written my CV, pulled together answers to selection criteria and found the grabs for my audition cd.  So does that make me brave or a coward?  That will be for you to find out!