Chicken Soup and Lemongrass

Chicken SoupI’ve come home early today. I think I’m coming down with Hugamuga’s Flu. He was hit hard Wednesday night and has a cough that lifts the rafters. His slight frame seems too fragile for such a nasty cold. He’s been in bed ever since. Well… in bed, on the computer and lying in front of the heater eating mandarins mostly. I think a hundred mandarins is all he’s eaten in the last two days.

So I’ve come home early with droopy eyes and a thick head to make sure I don’t get what he’s got or for that matter give what he’s got to the rest of the troops. I can’t be sick as I’m stepping into my boss’s shoes (luckily a size 9 like me) for the next week and then I get a week off.

I’ve made fresh orange and lemon juice and started to make Chicken Soup to augment the young fellow’s diet. Look at me. A proper mum who cares for her kids when they are sick. Or at least also when she is sick. Groover was at home yesterday so I wasn’t completely derelict in my duty.

Bring on the Chicken Soup and then to bed. Cotton corner is calling.