What happened to lunchtime?

You remember lunchtime right?  Where you might go off and do a bit of shopping or sit in the sun eating your sandwich or chat with colleagues righting the wrongs of the workplace, the world, the universe.

When did al fresco become al desko?

These days lunch has become a matter of grabbing a sandwich and eating it over the keyboard, crumbs dropping through the keys blocking ‘s’ which is most inconvenient and now requires a definite push, the recalcitrant thing…

In the olden days we used to all make time to meet down in the canteen for lunch.  We discussed problems at work and often they were solved.  We threw around ideas and got to know our colleagues.  These days more often than not you find out stuff about your colleagues MONTHS after they happen.  One colleague of mine broke up with his girlfriend, spent six months apart and then got back together with her before I found out he’d broken up with her in the first place!

These days we seem to barely interact. 

Yes I’m exaggerating (if I’ve told you a million times…) but it doesn’t seem as social as it used to be.

I say bring back lunchtime! Make it unacceptable to work at your desk!  Encourage interaction at work!

Oh and if you’re going down to the cafe… could you bring me up a coffee?  Ta love.