Went to see the Opening Night of Coppelia last night.  The Chrissie Parrott version of seven years ago.  She has a quirky sense of humour which brings this rather thin – well, it is a ballet – to life.  The costuming is fabulous and they used more or less exactly the same costumes as last time bar the wedding dress which was very cute.

Seeing ballerinas with their impossibly long legs in four inch platform heels is interesting and the dancers show such visual expression that you are in no doubt as to what is going on.

Dr Coppelius is a weirdo and comes across as a rather sinister and pathetic fellow, obsessed with his dolls, much as the men (or technophiles) are on obscene machines.

The leads are great – full of expression – I felt the twins could have been more exactly alike in their dancing which would have given them greater impact onstage – and of course the mother of the bride steals the show with her slapstick sideline farce.

Lots of laughter, colour and movement. If you are “not really a ballet person” and your partner loves the ballet – this is the one to say “I’d love to go with you darling” to keep her happy.  Nothing difficult here.

It was also Frank Dobbs’s first night back after his accident last year.  He was involved in near fatal crash this time last year on the opening night so it was nice to be there this year on opening night and have him back.