I’ve been trying to embed YouTube video but it isn’t working for me. Meh.

Anyhow this afternoon Bern talked about Supertramp on her Vault segment and I was suddenly back in 1984.

First year Uni. My boyfriend at the time had an old record player and a double album of Supertramp Paris – a live concert album which we played long and loud, in fact I do believe we shared our first kiss to this album… but I digress…

Later I can remember listening to the album on my cassette walkman as I tended to my baby banana plants, the subject of my fourth year project.  Don’t ask.  No, I’m not joking.

And when we broke up – I was listening to Free As A Bird.  Appropriate?

I still have a The Very Best Of Supertramp in my car.

And my favourite song….oooh it’s so tough… 

{thinking music}

Hide in Your Shell