Scrabble Meme – D

Delicious things I like that start with the letter ‘D’ thanks to Pea Soup’s Scrabble Bag… and my apologies for taking my time to get here… D’s HARD!

  1. Daughter – my own 10-year-old of course! (Okay that was an easy one)
  2. Diamonds, especially when they are surrounded by Hearts, Spades and Clubs in a game of Bridge! (Also easy)
  3. Debates – starring NumberOneSon! (Phew!)
  4. Dialog with my husband. (grin)
  5. Dad & Mum – coz they are great and I include my siblings here as well.
  6. Dancing – I’m your girl!
  7. Deciduous trees – especially this time of year.
  8. Digital radio – the future is coming!
  9. Drinking fabulous wine (no comments here Poshi!!)
  10. Disco Doris – hey it was my nickname at school and it could have been worse!

D was hard – I couldn’t get reading in there – I thought of writing Dick Francis and all other authors I like but that seemed a bit crappy because while I don’t mind a Dick while on holiday I certainly wouldn’t rate him as my favourite author. Still having said that it was just ten things I liked, not my favourite things… And I didn’t get blogging, or friends or eating delicious food… it goes on…

So are you up for the scrabble challenge? Ali is- and my dear your letter is – wait – Let me get my scrabble set out – your letter is (fanfare!) – F!

If you would like me to dive into my letter bag and set you the scrabble challenge by all means let me know through comments Darlings! 🙂