The hand

I never write “proper” bridge posts because frankly I’m not sure many bridge players read this site – and I wouldn’t want to bore you, and those bridge players who may venture across this blog, lets be honest folks, are probably vastly more able to comment.  Hence usually you’ll get… played bridge tonight.  Again I was crap.

And I was pretty crap tonight.  For a start I was running late – and I discovered a universal truth about speeding when running late… It is much better to be clocked by a speed camera rather than pulled up by an actual traffic cop.  Not that either happened, but I did think to myself as I sped along Mounts Bay Road (until I spied said traffic cop in the left hand lane further up), “I’d rather not be stopped if I’m going to be done for speeding tonight”.  Being late and poorer sucks.

So I was a bit “OMG have they started yet” as I sat down at the table.

The first set was “a bit ordinary”.  They seemed to do everything right, I couldn’t seem to take a trick, we lost.

The second set I sat down and said “This is going to be a good round partner” in a firm and confident voice!  I practiced “The Secret”.  The secret is that you can manifest your future by believing it.  So I did.  And we had a 20 point win.

And here’s my moment of glory.

Partner says 2C (showing a shit load), RHO says 2S (showing spades), I’m sitting with ST8, H982, DAJT63, C532 – in other words not much apart from the Ace… I pass, LHO says 3S (I think), Partner says 5C, RHO passes, and I after deep and meaningful agonised thought, reason that he doesn’t know about my ace and anyway we’re going to have a good round, remember, 6C.  Pass from LHO, deep thought from Partner… (and here’s where I should have willed him to go 7 but instead sent telepathic NO NO NOs across the table)  …we made 7C.  But they only bid 5 – so we rocked!

Later when we were in 6D off two (what were we thinking???) our team-mates were in 4SX making – total yay!

Told you it was going to be a good round.

The last round were against a very sweet couple who played a blinder of a round.  But.  We are only half way through and everyone knows that the underdog always wins a split round!