Bogan Villa*

So I’m finding BB07 quite interesting this year. I like the whole Hayley-Andrew-Billy-Thomas love quadrangle thing. The white room intrigues me – but I wish they’d give it more airtime. The eco-house idea is cute – maybe they should combine it with the eco-house challenge** on SBS for some real eco-messaging.

So far Jamie – the nerd boy – is interesting me… I’m annoyed already by the bogans in the house and that Morman girl is too intense. In fact I haven’t really warmed to any in the house although I quite like Thomas and Emma. That ombudsman girl – the one with the green eyeshadow (ewww) irritates me. Just because she looks sulky… and I’m a snob about green eyeshadow.

The Biggest Loser finale is on tomorrow night – I love seeing the finale. It is great to see the real people emerge from behind the fat. Note to self: set PVR.

*Thanks to The West for this little gem.
**Note the host of Eco-House is Mr Lithuania. Also known as Mr Smartrider. Yes touch me. I know a tv star!