Early Morning Reflections

Played bridge tonight. Not my best effort.

To cope with the cold I’m fighting I took two cold/flu tablets that make me sleepy so then I thought, I’ll have a cup of coffee to balance that. Now, even after a gin and bitter lemon, it’s nearly one o’clock and I’m wide awake.

Went shopping today and so along with my new specs I’m wearing my new Jag jeans (25% off) and a new Flower top. The jeans are high-cut. Not Kath-high but higher than hipsters. Thank goodness they are back in. Not that I minded wearing the lower cut but they didn’t really suit my muffin top. Ewww.

The jeans are also very long so I wore my highest black boots which made my legs look about 4 inches longer, balancing my heavier-side-of-average thighs. Gotta love that. Playing bridge I was sitting down most of the night so no problems with sore feet. So I guess I won’t be taking up those babies any time soon.

It was so nice to find a pair of jeans that looked okay – mostly they just look crap – and were on special – that I bought two pair.

Not sure the glasses work so well for bridge. First of all, I don’t really need them to see the cards… and while my vision is clearer for writing scores with them on, I can get by quite easily (at this stage). The problem is that because my long sight is fuzzy with them on, looking across the table to my partner or further afield is disconcerting.

So I think, despite their inate grooviness, I won’t be wearing them much – probably only when I’m reading a book or something like that. And yes, I’ll be cultivating that over the top of my glasses look when disturbed.

PS: I gave the details of the manufacturer – Roger Henley – to one of my fellow bridge players who told me she hasn’t updated her glasses for 5 years because she hasn’t seen frames she likes better than the ones she has… anyhoo, she rang up the factory – and spoke to Roger himself. Apparently he sounds very nice. I look forward to seeing her new specs!