I never thought I would say this…

Daylight Saving… but I am really looking forward to Daylight Saving ending. This photo is of our backyard at 7am yesterday morning. It’s bloody dark.

The fact is if we are to go down the path of Daylight Savings we need to model it to WA conditions. We need to start earlier – say early October – and finish earlier than the eastern states – say end of February.

Having been an early riser – not through choice – for many years I can tell you that our days start getting longer at the morning end of the day first and then get darker from the morning end of the day first. This would appear to be in contrast with eastern Australia.

The fact is that while the cooler mornings in Summer are a blessing, getting up in the dark during Autumn has knobs on it.

And this from a Daylight Savings advocate.

Could Matt Birney have some sense after all?  Mind you – being out of step with the Eastern States is a pain too…